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Our passion towards creating outstanding jewelry with unsurpassed workmanship is what distinguishes us from our competitors. We see jewelry not only as an accessory but rather as a reflection of character - yours and ours.

Just as the myriad facets of a gemstone give it the final touch, we believe it is not only the finished product that our customers seek but partners that accompany them through the various cycles that go into forming a sound co-operation. Designs being the biggest assets our partners possess, we cherish the trust that they have put into us and strive towards forming long lasting business relationships. Our unparalleled discreetness concerning specific designs forms the solid foundation upon which we want to build our alliance.

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, Y & J Gems pioneers in manufacturing jewelry out of a vast combination of gems and sterling silver. Since our founding in 2001, our executives have given their very best towards bringing us across new milestones of success each year. We treasure the combined experiences of our team and take pride in the dynamism and flexibility they carry with them.

Although our main expertise lies in the manufacture of sterling silver ornaments, unconventional combinations of materials are a something that we willingly take on as a challenge with the goal to give our customers the ultimate.

Be it fancy, brash, intricate or simply minimalistic - jewelry is what we make ... and alliances we treasure.
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